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Art Hollingsworth Insurance Services

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Risk Characteristics
Year Built Total Square Feet Deductible Coverage A Replacement Cost Value
Structure Type Construction Type Retrofitting (homes older than 1972)
Duplex - Quadplex
Wood Frame (including stucco
       and brick veneer)
Reinforced Masonry/Concrete
Metal or Steel Frame
Unreinforced Masonry (Ineligible)
Mobile or Modular Home
If the dwelling has a crawlspace,
       it has a concrete perimeter or is
       braced with plywood between
The dwelling is bolted to the
Number of Floors (including basement)
1 Story
2 Story
            3 Stories
Greater than 3 Stories (Ineligible)

Ineligible Risks
Ineligible Risks Include: Risks that share a common wall with another property, risks undergoing construction, risks with unrepaired structural or earthquake damage, risks with excessive mold or wood rot, risks with post & pier and/or stilt foundation, or risks listed on the historic registry.

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